21" KDS Bundle with Printer



- 21” KDS Terminal
- VESA Mount Of Choice  

- Epson ™-U220 Impact Printer

- KDS Software
- 24/7 Live Support


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  • 21” KDS Terminal - This sturdy 21″ high definition screen with waterproofing front display and 10-point capacitive touch, allows for a quick and easy KDS experience. Its 4-core processor enables quick tap responsiveness to enable your staff to spend less time at the KDS station and more time focusing on customers.
  • VESA Mount Of Choice - The versatile VESA mounting allows your KDS stations to be wall-mounted, on a countertop stand or positioned any way you see fit with any VESA mount. 
  • Epson ™-U220 Impact Printer - These impact receipt and kitchen/bar printers are compact, reliable, and optimized for high-speed throughput. They offer all the features important to the retail and food service including two-color printing for exceptions, right-side-up printing, and crisp, clean logo printing.
  • KDS Software
  • 24/7 Live Support


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